Brittney Dickson, Golden Bike Instructor, Stay Wild Backcountry owner and lead instructor

Brittney was an extra lucky girl growing up. Raised on a big piece of property in southern BC, her family built mountain bike trails full of jumps and stunts all around the property. So, needless to say she was hooked at a young age. Brittney was a self-proclaimed downhill junkie—until she moved to Golden 7 years ago. Attempting to ride cross-country on a downhill bike didn’t work so well, and after switching to a cross-country bike she became hooked on cross-country too. Her favorite trail? Of course, LSD in Golden.

Definitely the outdoorsy type, Brittney spends her time coaching and teaching in the winter and is super excited to join us at Shred Sisters for the summer.  She’s also the founder of Stay Wild Backcountry Skills! With Stay Wild Backcountry she teaches avalanche courses, Snowmobile camps (specific to women!), and beginner splitboarding camps all with a similar philosophy to Shred Sisters. Focusing on providing a comfortable and supportive environment for women to pursue their goals, her philosophy mimics this intention as she approaches her courses on being inclusive and supportive of women of all skill levels. Brittney developed this approach by experiencing firsthand how intimidating co-ed courses could be. It inspired her to make sure her courses are much more supportive and comfortable for her students. She loves watching the magic happen when women get together and push and support each other.

When you fall? Get back up and try again. Start out small and work your way up, building your confidence and skills as you go. And of course, look where you want to go. All likely things you will hear Coach Brittney sharing with her students.

With her vast outdoor knowledge and her love of riding, it is clear to see that Brittney will be a perfect fit on our Golden team. When someone suggested for her to join our coaching team, our team got really excited about the idea of another female leader from the sport teaching industry joining our ranks. We are so honoured she is joining the team and can help us keep sharing our passion with students in the summer months (and hopefully the winter months too)!

2021 Brittney Schedule in Golden

Brittney Credential:

  • PMBIA Level 1
  • Canadian Avalanche Association Level 2 Avalanche Operations
  • 90 hrs wilderness first aid
  • 10+year of mountain biking
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