Julie Duval


Julie is no newbie–having been biking since 1998 when she moved to Alberta. Sharing her skills with us (and you!) in Hinton, she loves getting out on her bike to drown out the daily noises with the sound of the wind through the trees and the bright sounds of the forest. Julie wants her students to focus on enjoying the ride. Along with that comes having fun! With her 15 years of teaching experience, she knows how to focus on building your skills. As Julie puts it: “After all, we all learn at a different pace, it isn’t a race, and don’t forget a smile on your face”! If you join a course that Julie is coaching, you will be sure to not only grow your skills but have fun while you’re learning.


  • ICP Level 2 Certification
  • Pmbia Level 1

Community involvment

  • Hinton Mountain Bike Association was part of the board for multiple year
  • Guiding weekly ladies ride
  • Sprockids instructor


About Julie Duval

  • When did you first start riding and how did you get into it? My mountain biking journey started when I moved to Alberta in 1998. My friends and I were weekend warriors, checking out all the “old school” trails around the Alberta Foothills and Jasper National Park. In 2009, an awesome mountain bike skills park was built in my town with tons of different features and trail types. I discovered I enjoyed the challenge of skinny wooden features!  That’s when I took advantage of mountain bike lessons being offered in Alberta to increase my confidence and riding skills. In the past 15 years, I have ended 10 skill camps/trips, including 2 instructor certifications courses.  I have another trip planned this summer!  Learning never ends.

  • Where do you call home?I grew up in New Brunswick (une acadienne!), but my home for the past 20+ years is in Hinton, Alberta.

  • What’s the best thing about mtb for you? Getting out on the trail where the noises of daily life are drowned out and replaced by the sounds of my bike on the trail, the wind in the trees and the sounds of the forest around me.

  • How long have you been coaching? I consider being a ride leader (since 2009) for our local bike club’s Ladies Monday Rides as part of my coaching experience.  In 2013, obtained my ICP Level 2 Certification so that I could help beginner/intermediate riders improve their riding techniques to tackle different trail features on our rides.  I was also involved in our local Sprockids program for many years to help coach 9+ girls. This year, I decided to get my PMBIA Level 1 Certification so that I can join Shred Sisters and teach as one of their instructors in Hinton.

  • Dream destination? Scotland.  I am drawn to that landscape and history, so it’s on my bucket list!  But in the meantime, I have taken advantage of what western Canada offers.   I have gone on different guided bike trips to the Yukon (3rd trip planned this summer!), and in different southern/central BC locations.  Last summer, I was guided on Sol Mountain near Revelstoke.  It was quite the experience with high elevation riding on different terrain (slabs!)

  • What do you want your students to gain from your coaching/teaching? I want my students to enjoy riding and have fun.  As they learn the skills needed to improve their riding techniques, I want them to feel safe in trying things in a supportive environment.  The camaraderie in mountain biking is an important aspect to enjoying the ride and having fun.  After all, we all learn to ride at our own pace, it isn’t a race, and don’t forget the smile on your face!

  • What has been the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given or received in mountain biking or any other sport? The reason that I continue attending different skills camps is that every rider has something they can improve on, no matter where they are currently at.  Everyone’s baseline of skills is unique, but we all have something we can work on to improve.   It’s important to keep celebrating all these successes, whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider.  Ride on!