Kayla Lissel

Coach in Kimberley

Kayla picked up her first proper mountain bike in her mid twenties and fell head over heals and handlbars for the sport.  Kayla loves the ride from tech trails to flowly jump trails and she just wants to ride it all! Shortly after starting mountain biking she found herself a summer job at a shop, which turned into a career in the bike industry.  Kayla started leading a women’s group ride in Nanaimo where she observed ladies progress and come into the sport.  This inspired Kayla to start coaching, to further share her passion for mountain biking.


  • PMBIA Level 2
  • 16 hours first aid
  • Works at Bootleg Bike Shop in Kimberley


Intro to Drops & Jumps

  • Wednesday May 10th
  • Thursday June 8th 

About Kayla Lissel