Erin Woodrow- Ex Canadian National Boxer, Yoga Instructor and Canmore Mountain Bike Instructor

Meet Erin Woodrow. Perfectly emulating our mantra of “strength, skills, and sass” this coach hung up her boxing gloves about five years ago to pursue mountain biking after boxing for the Canadian National team for three years. She has no fear of a world stage as she competed at the national and international level in other sports as well and Erin has competed in numerous cross country and endure mountain bike competitions. Erin is an advanced cross-country rider who’s also working on her downhill skills. 

Coaching comes naturally to Erin; she’s coached boxing for 5 years and has instructed yoga for over two years. Talk about inter-disciplinary! Having developed a youth boxing program at the boys and girls club for young girls, she really shows that she loves the opportunity to give back the gift of sports that she has personally enjoyed and taken so much away from. With her PMBIA level one for mountain biking, she’s excited to expand her coaching experience with our wonderful students.

Focusing on having her students fall in love with the sport (at least a little bit!) and allow students to feel as though they’ve accomplished goals, Erin focuses on giving the best tools and resources to continue to improve their skills. “It’s important to understand your students and their objectives in order to provide them with an amazing and fulfilling experience” Erin believes. Focusing on a variety of ways that students can learn, when she teaches Erin wants to constantly present her most authentic self so that her students know and understand her as well. Learning how to mountain bike better is so fun that everyone no matter their age, body shape, gender, etc. can access the fun!

“You’re given two choices when you fail: stay down or get back up and try again!” you’ll hear Erin say more than once if you have the pleasure of taking a class with her. For riders new and experienced alike, mountain biking is a life long journey. There will be frustrations, falls and maybe even some harsh words along the way but this sport will continuously challenge your mind and body. It will be a journey of growth and development and one where you fall in love over and over again. 

Erin joined our family here at Shred Sisters because there’s such awesome vibes when women get together to support and help each other grow. She loves that we focus on females only, and do so in a non-threatening and encouraging environment that helps to inconspicuously push you past limits you never knew you existed. Plus, there’s such an awesome group of lady coaches at Shred Sisters—and we have to say we agree! 


  • PMBIA Level 2
  • Boxing Instructor

Erin Schedule 2021 in Canmore

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