Rosalie Ball – Revelstoke Instructor

Rosalie Ball! She was a student of ours in Canmore a some years ago and has now come on-board our coaching team.
Rosalie fell in love with biking her first time out on a rental bike, and went home with that same rental bike by convincing the shop to sell it to her. Not new to teaching by any means, she holds her teaching certificate for Yoga and is also an Elementary School teacher!   She is very excited to support the local community in Revy and encourage her students to feel empowered through riding.

We would describe Rosalie, as sweet, caring, determined, and very passionate. We are so excited for the ladies of Revy to have an opportunity to bike with this rad lady!

When did you first start riding and how did you get into it? My obsession with mountain biking began on a camping trip to Invermere in 2014. I rented a bike from a local shop to ride the Johnson trail with some buddies. It was love at first pedal. I convinced the shop to sell me their rental bike and went home with it that same day. 

If you were to describe your riding style in one word, what would it be? Flow state! Yes, I know that’s two words. But you and I both know that’s where all the magic happens. 😉

Where do you call home? Revelstoke! The Bow Valley also has a special place in my heart. I lived there close to a decade before moving to BC.

How long have you been coaching? This is my first season coaching for Shred Sisters and I’m stoked about it! I am also a 500-hour certified yoga instructor and elementary school teacher. My teaching background enables me to teach skills progression in an efficient, easy-to-grasp way with a focus on safe and proper body mechanics and alignment.

What do you want your students to gain from your coaching/teaching? I want my students to feel empowered. My goal is for you to walk away from a coaching session with the confidence and skills to take on whatever it is that excites you about riding and flirts with your edge.

What’s the best thing about mtb for you? Spending time off pavement and on dirt. Being surrounded by the trees, the sounds and smells of nature, and sharing this with friends. 

What are you riding right now? A little mix of everything- from cross-country flow style riding at Macpherson to downhill and feature style riding at Boulder Mountain. I love the variety! 

Favourite trail? Loggin’ Leftovers as an appetizer and Gravy Bacon for dessert

Dream destination? India! 

Favourite after ride drink? Lonetree Cider

What has been the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given or received in mountain biking or any other sport? You are capable of more than you know!

Join Rosalie this summer!

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