Tanya Masters – Canmore Instructor

Tanya Masters, hailing from overseas in England, has settled in Canmore and has now joined our Shred Sisters’ coaching team. She is a self-described “KEEN” rider who loves adrenaline rushes, fresh air, and riding with friends. Focusing on the playfulness of the sport, Tanya is all about celebrating little wins with her students so they can keep moving forward. Inspired by the likes of Martyn Ashton, Blake Sampson, and Tahnee Seagrave, Tanya jumped on her mountain bike her first summer in Canada and has never looked back. Tanya is also a former student of ours, having taken multiple programs with us blended well with her own experience as a snowboard instructor. She’s still coaching snowboarding at Nakiska too! We are so excited to have Tanya on board and can not wait for her to get some of you out riding!

Here is a short Q & A to learn more about her!

When did you first start riding and how did you get into it?
I have always biked to commute, get to the beach, or walk the dog as a kid but I started mountain biking properly back in 2015 – my first summer in Canada!

If you were to describe your riding style in one word, what would it be? KEEN

Who is your inspiration and why? Martyn Ashton and Blake Sampson (the whole GMBN crew)– just loving everything bikes and biking with friends. Martyns spirit after his accident is super
inspiring. And of course Tahnee Seagrave.

What’s the best thing about mountain biking to you? Adrenaline rushes and fresh air with friends – you can bike anywhere.

How long have you been coaching?
I moved to Canada in 2012 to instruct snowboarding and skiing (CASI SB level 2, CSIA ski level 1, BASI SB level 1, BASI ski level 1). Afterwards, I was supposed to go back to England to be a school
teacher but I just could not bring myself to leave the Rockies!

What’s unique about your coaching style?
I’m always determined to make sure my students celebrate each little win. If you can find a way to appreciate every moment of progression you won’t get bogged down only focusing on the big
goal, like I used to do!

What do you want your students to gain from your coaching/teaching?
Little helpful tips that they hear in their head as they ride

What’s your best quirk or a fun fact?
I can make delicious all butter pastry meat pies and I crochet cute soft toys.

Favourite trail?
5620 Revelstoke, no wait–maybe Rupert in Squamish !

Dream destination?
I will move to Squamish one day!

Favourite after ride drink?
Sheepdog Mango Kettle Sour

What has been the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given or received in mountain biking or any other sport?
Be playful

Here is Tanya Canmore schedule for 2021

You can also book Tanya for a Private Lesson

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