Dayna Vroom, Shred Sisters Mountain Bike Coach

Dayna Vroom

Coach in Canmore

We love Dayna. Not only was she a former student, but she has been riding bikes since she was a kid. Picking up her first ‘legit’ mountain bike in 2011, proud to have graduated from hand-me-down-bikes from her brother. Dayna began coaching with Shred Sisters in 2020, but she’s no newbie when it comes to teaching. With several years of instructing experience ranging from Hapkido (she’s a black belt!) to spin to weightlifting and even boot camp, she’s definitely got a ton of experience.


  • Canmore


  • Level 1 PMBIA – Mountain Bike Instructor
  • Black Belt in Hapkido
  • Fitness Instructor Specialist
  • Nutrition & Weightloss Specialist
  • 100 Hour Yoga Instructor
  • Spin Instructor
  • Wilderness 40 hours First Aid & CPR


About Dayna Vroom

Growing up in Calgary but now calling Canmore home, Dayna is a former ‘weekend warrior’ who has now transitioned to ‘full-time warrior’ living the dream working for a heli-skiing company and now Shred Sisters! Dayna is super excited to be part of the biking community, and it’s all about other riders and their excitement that keeps her hooked on biking. That and of course she loves that she can jump on her bike and take her dog almost everywhere she goes. Although Canmore is home, Dayna was quick to tell us her favourite trails are Rupert and Leave of Absence in Squamish.

Focusing on building confidence in her students, Dayna believes that people really can do anything they put their mind to–and loves getting to be a part of that moment. She’s taught many women-specific boot camps with participants who had zero experience, but she focuses on building them and their confidence up so they can conquer challenges head on. The same way she approaches biking! Learning the basics will give her students the confidence they need to take on the mountains and everything in between. When she was training under her Hapkido Headmaster, he often calmly reminded her that Rome was not built in a day. This focus reminds her to always remind herself that she needs to start with building a good foundation before jumping into things–fearlessness is great, but a solid foundation is better.

Catch Dayna at the end of her rides at the local brewery or sipping on an IPA or Pale Ale that’s only been moderately shaken (thanks to all of her skill building!) at the end of a ride. She’s looking forward to having her students out and having fun so definitely take a course with her if you have the opportunity!

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What’s the best thing about mtb for you?

The people!!  The biking community simply cannot be beat!  Everyone is so stoked that you’re into it that they want to help you get better. I also love that I can take my dog with me just about everywhere I ride.  She gets so stoked the moment I start putting on my biking gear and loves ripping the trails with me.

How long have you been coaching?

Although coaching mountain biking is my latest endeavour, I have actually been an instructor of some sort since I was 16. While training for my black belt in Hapkido, my headmaster asked me if I would be interested in training kids in the studio. I instantly fell in love with teaching and later became a spin instructor, weight lifting coach, and, my personal favourite, a boot camp instructor.