Meet Our Coaches

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Ali Wilson

Coach in Cranbrook & Kimberley

Foodie by day, mountain biker by night… actually just kidding, Ali is both all the time! 2015 is when Ali started coaching for the local Kimberley mountain biking club. She joined up thinking it would be a great way to give back to her community, and she hasn’t looked back since. She is been teaching with Shred Sisters since 2019.

Alison Barnfather

Coach in Bragg Creek & Calgary

A lover of mountain air with a good sense of humour, Alison is the perfect new addition to our coaching team in Calgary. Having obtained her PMBIA back in 2016, past president of SpinSisters and instructor, Alison as a teaching like to  focuses on building a solid foundation for her students to continue to build upon as they fall more and more in love with mountain biking.

Alyssa Collins

Coach in Canmore

Blazing down the trails of Banff, AB on her trusted steed Joey (a Rocky Mountain Altitude not a horse!), Alyssa Collins wants to focus on you having fun on your bike. But not to worry, you’ll hear her coming, as she’s a self-proclaimed noisy rider. Curiosity drives Alyssa’s biking style, and having a background in both Massage Therapy and doing her yoga teacher training she really understands the foundation and body movements of biking.

Anne-Marie Chantal

Coach in Bragg Creek & Calgary

Anne-Marie is an exceptionally energetic and excited rider who has settled in Calgary from Quebec. Falling in love with riding after a group of friends convinced her to try it, she’s always optimistic with a smile on her face and unlimited energy to boot! Her coaching is centered around providing feedback to help her students improve: slow down so they can speed up.

Audrey Duval

Coach in golden

Maybe you’ve seen some of her goofy Tip Tuesday videos online? Audrey is the founder & owner of Shred Sisters and is passionate about teaching. She loves to figure out different ways of explaining skills to connect with all learning styles! As an instructor, Audrey cares about her client’s goals and knows that technique is not all: “I like to understand where my clients are coming from and see how I can help them overcome their fears, do a feature, or ride a specific trail they didn’t think they could ride.”

Brittney Dickson

Brittney spends her time coaching and teaching in the winter she was an extra lucky girl growing up. Raised on a big piece of property in southern BC, her family built mountain bike trails full of jumps and stunts all around the property. So, needless to say she was hooked at a young age.  She’s also the founder of Stay Wild Backcountry Skills!

Christine Sharp

Coach location:  On the road, various locations

Van-living is where Christine spends her time so she can be found all over the place! The past few year she was based out of Calgary. Not new to teaching, Christine has been a University course instructor since 2006. Taking her expertise as a teacher and applying it to mountain biking Christine is ready to get you out on your bike and falling in love with mountain biking just like her!

Dayna Vroom

Coach in Canmore

We love Dayna. Not only was she a former student, but she has been riding bikes since she was a kid. Picking up her first ‘legit’ mountain bike in 2011, proud to have graduated from hand-me-down-bikes from her brother. On the newer side to coaching mountain biking, Dayna is no newbie when it comes to coaching. With 16 years of instructing experience ranging from Hapkido (she’s a black belt!) to spin to weightlifting and even boot camp, she’s definitely got a ton of experience.

Erin MacDonald

Coach in BraggCreek & Calgary

Evangeline Leclair

Coach in BraggCreek & Calgary

With an extensive background in coaching elite girls basketball, coaching mountain biking fits well with Evangeline’s spontaneous and adventurous personality. She coaches mountain biking to be achieved as one would build a brick house: once one brick is set, then you can look to the next one. With a lot of guidance, dedication and practice Evangeline will help get you to build your own brick house!

Julie Gamache

As a coach, Julie is excited to bring her energetic and “challenge yourself” mentality to the Shred Sisters program and riders she will be working with. Working as a coach for 15 years, she has worked with all levels of riders and has helped many to become more confident mountain bikers while sharing her passion for the sport.

Laura Karl

Coach in Bragg Creek & Calgary

Laura been coaching with us since 2018, coming from a background in racing, raising her two children, downhill skiing and nursing! She started riding back in 2004 during a summer job at the Kananaskis Golf Course and dove in head first (no joke she’s coached diving too)—because of course biking is better than golf. With 3 seasons of ABA races and a handful of Enduro races under her belt, Laura races because she enjoys pushing herself more than anything.

Laura Mckenzie

Coach in Kimberley

The Skidster, aka Laura Has been riding since she was 12 years old. With a multitude of biking disciplnes under her belt, Laura coaches with a passion for cycling that is unmatched. Calling Kimberley, BC home not only does she coach mountain biking but also swimming! It’s these little ‘ah ha’ moments that I love about coaching and hope to bring to more riders. One simple little tip can improve the entire body position which in turn increases confidence on a bike.

Lindsay Glassford

Coach in Invermere

Lindsay Glassford started with road biking and a triathlon in 2007 in her native Ontario, but when she moved to Panorama in 2013 mountain biking quickly became her passion. Lindsay loves that she gets to see such beautiful places all while learning new things and pushing her limits. By day, she works for Live Feisty Media which focuses on endurance sports, sharing stories and perspectives from an empowered and active community. Lindsay also holds her BA in Kinesiology and is a certified Pedorthist.

Lisa Barnes

Coach in Cranbrook

Puerto Vallarta, Edinburgh, London, Dublin… no we’re not picking random locations off the world map, or planning our next vacation, these are places that Lisa has ridden! Born and raised in  Cranbrook, she’s settled back in her hometown and has quite the extensive racing career. Volunteering in the cycling world since 2016 with Wild Horse Cyclings Club, she’s not new to riding!

Lynsey Dobish

Coach in Canmore

Lynsey been coaching with us since the start! As a coach, Lynsey enjoys working with riders who scared or nervous about trying new things because she has had to overcome these feelings herself. Lynsey is always pushing to improve her own skills and feels that she has a lot to share as a coach. Lynsey is an osteopath.

Nicole Romanow

Coach in Canmore 

Many of our coaches are interdisciplinary—Nicole is no exception. Having spent a lot of her youth focused on competitive cross-country skiing, Nicole wasn’t necessarily looking to expand her focus to other sports. However, a friend of hers who competed in mountain biking struck up a deal with her: he would try skiing if she tried mountain biking. Although it was not her first time on a mountain bike and she had a general idea from cross-training with the ski team in the summer, she had never really given mountain biking her full attention or effort. After that fateful summer where she changed her tune with the coaxing of her friend, she was hooked.


Rosalie Ball

Coach in Revelstoke

Rosalie Ball! She was a student of ours in Canmore a some years ago and started coaching with us in Revelstoke in 2021.
Rosalie fell in love with biking her first time out on a rental bike, and went home with that same rental bike by convincing the shop to sell it to her. Not new to teaching by any means, she holds her teaching certificate for Yoga and is also an Elementary School teacher!


Suzanne MacRae

Coach in Bragg Creek & Calgary

Suzanne’s approach to coaching is to teach her fellow female riders that it’s okay to be afraid and that failure is a natural part of learning and developing in any sport. She teaches her students not only how to technically approach a challenge but also mentally. She teaches her students how to visualize their line, approach challenges with positive thinking, and to never stop practicing.

Tanya Masters

Coach in Canmore

Tanya Masters, hailing from overseas in England, has settled in Canmore, she is a self-described “KEEN” rider who loves adrenaline rushes, fresh air, and riding with friends. Focusing on the playfulness of the sport, Tanya is all about celebrating little wins with her students so they can keep moving forward. Tanya is also a former student of ours, having taken multiple programs with us blended well with her own experience as a snowboard instructor.

Terrie Batycki

Bragg Creek/ & Calgary Coach

Calling Cochrane, Alberta home, back in 2012 Terrie was re-introduced to single track mountain biking through her tight group of friends, as she developed her skill, she outgrew her first bike and upgraded; her mountain bike passion was ignited. During her 20 plus year career with the RCMP, she instructed at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa, various police training centers and corporate businesses in Western Canada.

Tracey Sherman

Coach in Bragg Creek & Calgary

Back in 2012, Tracey began volunteering as an assistant coach. She was able to learn more about her own riding through coaching others and found a sense of fulfillment seeing others master skill they never thought possible. Tracey is kind, passionate and a wealth of knowledge, she is been coaching with us since 2017.

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