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We Are

Shred Sisters are a group of passionate women dedicated to improving your mountain biking skills in a fun and safe environment. We provide high quality teaching lead by the best local coaches. We are committed to your learning!

Why Choose Shred Sisters?

Our vision is to be the Canadian leader in women’s mountain biking skills development. We strive to establish a supportive community of female bike enthusiasts lead by passionate local teachers who are stoked to share their love of the sport!

Look what they are saying about us!

Audrey and Jeff did a fantastic job organizing a fun-filled retreat. From the healthy meals and wonderful hospitality offered by the venue to the tension-relieving yoga sessions and exhilarating bike rides, the weekend was an absolute treat! Audrey and Jeff’s coaching during the rides really helped me feel the most confident I ever have on my mountain bike, and Jeff’s unique guidance during the yoga sessions worked magic to relieve tight muscles and fatigue. I also really appreciated the fre…
Julia Marshall

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