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You are a capable rider with a fair amount of experience on a mountain bike and/or have taken a course or two before. You are able to ride any green and most blue trails with confidence. You can climb and descend under control on moderately steep singletrack, are comfortable and confident rolling over small obstacles, and may have experimented with black trails. You occasionally find challenging sections, however you know when to walk a section that might be too difficult. You are looking to tackle these challenging sections, to increase confidence on challenging blue trails, and improve your skill through roots and rocky sections.

  • Example of trails you can ride: CBT, Mountain Shadow Blue trails,  Merlin, 727, Family Guys, Ridgeback, Juniper Heights, Arch potential, Johnson trails, Magic Line, Horseshoe, Montane, Lower Turkey, Ewok, Elephant Run, FiftySiz Twenty, FlowDown
  • Example of trails you may ride in this course: Mighty Queen, Kobe, Highline, part of Horseshoe, part of Montane, Traverse, Kloosifier/Johnson, Race of Spade, SHAFT, Full ThunderTurkey, Shapeshifter, RollerCoaster, Tantrum, Loggin Leftovers,

Courses options:

Weekly Series: Join our 4 or 5 week series, where each session builds on the previous ones, offering a great way to gain confidence on various terrain in your area. For the optimal experience, we recommend attending all classes in this course. Participants will be riding blue trails.

Weekend Workshops: Our workshop is an ideal way to quickly build skills, explore new areas, and connect with mountain bikers from all over. The course begins with skill development in an open field, followed by on-trail practices. Choose from a 2-day workshop, or a one-day course.

Skills Clinics: These are fantastic options if you wish to focus on a particular skills to either learn or solidify them. Choose between 3 hour and full day clinics in one of the following skillsets.

  • Drops & Jumps
  • Pumping & Cornering
  • Downhilling

Programs to choose from

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some Skills you will be learning

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