Julie Gamache, mountain bike instructor

Julie Gamache

Coach in Kimberley

As a coach, Julie is excited to bring her energetic and “challenge yourself” mentality to the Shred Sisters program and riders she will be working with. Working as a coach for 15 years, she has worked with all levels of riders and has helped many to become more confident mountain bikers while sharing her passion for the sport.


  • Kimberley


  • BICP Level 1
  • ZEP Program Level 2
  • 15+ years of experience teaching mountain biking


Kimberley Intermediate Tuesday, May 21st to June 11th – AM

About Julie Gamache

Julie has a wealth of mountain biking experience and is looking forward to sharing her experience through her energetic nature with everyone she gets to ride with.

Julie grew up in small town Quebec and got into horseback riding at an early age. She quickly grew in the sport and began competing at the national level. It was her primary focus until she decided to move out west to the mountains to pursue a different lifestyle. She started work as a wrangler, but her love for adventuring soon found her pursuing skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and various outdoor endeavors. After soon realizing that horseback riding was no longer her passion, she decided to focus on exploring the mountains, adopting an outdoor lifestyle largely focused on mountain biking. After living in various mountain towns, Julie has currently found her spot living in Kimberly, BC and Own Ciao Bella Dog Grooming in Kimberley, as you can imagine she is a dog lover who own 5 energetic dogs!

Spending the last 6 summers coaching mountain biking full time, she has grown her experience and knowledge of the sport to a whole new level. Julie really likes to focus on breaking down body language and movement on the bike and has a keen eye for pinpointing what can be worked on to improve. She loves pushing herself to be the best and this comes out in the way she encourages others to do the same.

There are a couple reasons why Julie thinks mountain biking is such a rad sport. She loves to share the experience and passion for riding with others, and in her words: “I like that I can just find myself alone in the woods with my dogs and just do my own thing.”

Shred Sisters can’t wait for what the next season of riding will bring, and to have Julie join our team means our clients our going to have a fun and unforgettable experience!