Tanis Banks, Shred Sisters Coach

Tanis Banks

Meet Tanis Banks, the carefree biking dynamo who kicked off her two-wheeled journey in 2000. Inspired by awesome girlfriends, she conquers trails with a hoot and a holler. As a coach, Tanis blends fun and excitement, helping riders feel strong and confident, and have a wheelie good time. With a racing background, yoga expertise, and a love for gummies, she’s on a mission to make every ride as enjoyable as her favourite trailside snack!


  • Cranbrook


  • Started racing XC in 1999
  • BC Overall champ in 2003
  • Top 3 Canada cup final, top 5 nationally
  • Trained at the Pacific National Cycling Center for year
  • Top 5 National Xterra and competed in Maui at the world championships
  • PMBIA Level 1
  • 300-hour certified yoga instructor and has been teaching for 8 years
  • A certified group fitness instructor



  • Thursday, April 25th to May 23rd
  • Thursday, May 30th to June 20th
  • Thursday, September 5th to 26th

About Tanis Banks

When did you first start riding and how did you get into it? I started riding in 2000. Pretty sure I bought a bike because of the cute guys at the bike store, and the first ride was to hang out with a guy I liked.

If you were to describe your riding style in one word, what would it be?  Carefree

Who was/is your inspiration for riding and why? After I realized how much I loved riding it was a few girlfriends that inspired me to ride and improve.  These gals were so awesome. I wanted to keep up with them!! I spent hours alone — improving my fitness and figuring out how to ride.  I also felt like I could conquer the world when I was riding!

Tanis Banks, Shred Sisters CoachWhat’s the best thing about mtb for you? Best thing about mountain biking… hmmm… I love how it can be a place where I can forget about everything else… except the trail in front of me… or sometimes…. I ride easy and it’s a place where I can lose myself in my thoughts and fantasies.

What’s unique about your coaching style? I empower riders, fostering strength and confidence to amplify the joy of mountain biking! By tailoring sessions to individual preferences, I emphasize the most enjoyable aspects, whether it’s conquering new trails, tackling challenges, or boosting trail knowledge. The goal is an exhilarating and enjoyable experience, always filled with fun and excitement!

What makes you, you? What’s your best quirk?   People might say I am positive and always looking for the best in everyone and every situation. I also love to hoot and hollerer when riding!

Favourite trail? Favorite trail. Amasa Back- Moab Utah, I love Paydirt in Rossland, Verboten in Fernie…. and everything in Cranbrook!

Dream destination? I am so happy exploring all the riding in the Kootenays.

Favourite trailside snack? Gummies

What do you want your students to gain from your coaching/teaching? I would love for the riders to feel confident, and safe and be able to have a super fun time while riding!

What has been the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given or received in mountain biking or any other sport? Best piece of advice –  slide forward and put the tip of saddle up you a**.  Man, it worked!

Tanis Banks, Shred Sisters Coach