Robyn Goldsmith, mountain bike instructor Revelstoke

Robyn Goldsmith

Coach in Revelstoke

Originally starting riding back in Kamloops, Robyn has now found herself in Revelstoke happily embedded in the incredible community of committed female riders. She is a composed rider who loves to focus on the opportunity for consistent improvement and skills development, which makes her an excellent coach. Beyond mountain biking, Robyn also coaches rock climbing, ice climbing, and canoeing. She is also the co-founder of Revelstoke Women’s Enduro. Get ready, this self-proclaimed queen of the dad-joke is ready to have you laughing while you’re learning and we at Shred Sisters are excited to have her on the team. 



  • Pmbia Level 2 Air
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Rock Climbing Instructor
  • Ice Climbing Instructor
  • Canoe Instructor


About Robyn Goldsmith

When did you first start riding and how did you get into it?

I started riding in 2015 in Kamloops, basically as a way to exercise my dog (an energetic Australian shepherd/bordie collie mix). When I moved to Revelstoke I connected with an incredible community of women who are committed riders, and that sealed the deal. I’ve been riding almost every day that I can since then

If you were to describe your riding style in one word, what would it be?

I asked one of my regular bike buddies and she said “composed.”

Where do you call home?

I grew up in Vancouver, but Revelstoke has been home for seven years.

Who was/is your inspiration and why?

There are so many –

I like to paint, read, and create, so I find inspiration in so many places from so many incredible people. Right now my phone background is a picture of Phoebe Waller-Bridge in a gorgeous gown, sipping a cocktail while surrounded by her Emmy Awards.

In the mountain biking world, I think Bex Baraona and Martha Gill have something really cool going with Gowaan Gals and building a women’s mountain bike community, not to mention Casey Brown and the Dark Horse event here in Revelstoke. It’s a great time for women in our sport!

What’s the best thing about mtb for you?

I love the opportunity for consistent improvement and skills development; I find it incredibly motivating. I also love the community of likeminded, perpetually stoked individuals.

What’s unique about your coaching style?

I am incredibly stoked to see people conquer their fears and challenge themselves. I am good at adapting to whatever style of encouragement someone needs – whether that’s nurturing, challenging, or technical feedback. Everyone is different and I like to recognize students’ unique style of learning

What do you want your students to gain from your coaching/teaching?

A strong skills tool kit to and the confidence to challenge themselves

What has been the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given or received in mountain biking or any other sport?

Don’t take it too seriously – biking is for fun