You are capable of riding almost anything, from single track to downhill. You are confident riding black trails and some double black. You have tried some jumps and small drops, and are comfortable on steeper technical terrain. You want to ride faster, be more stylish and more discerning in line selection to improve efficiency. Skills you are looking to learn and improve on: Steep climbs, Wheelies, Manual, Bunny hop, Nose Pivot, Medium Jump, and Medium Drop

Examples of trails you can ride: Prospector, Razor Edge, Jean Guy on the Rock, No homers, 10k, 5k, Supper Happy Fun, Boondocker

Examples of trails that will take your skills up a notch:  Razor Edge, Pioneer, Swan Donkey, No Respect,  TDub (features), Cash Advance

Courses options:

Weekly Series:This 4-week series focuses on improving your cornering, drops, and jumps techniques to be more fluid and gain more confidence in the air. We will teach the steps to learn how to perform manuals, bunny hops, nose pivots, and wheelies. Each week builds on the previous one to help you solidify your learning and bring some style to your riding

Skills Clinics: These are fantastic options if you wish to focus on a particular skills to either learn or solidify them. Choose between 3 hour and full day clinics in one of the following skillsets.

  • Jumps Progression
  • Drops & Steeps Progression

Programs to choose from

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Course Full Join our Waiting List!

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