Laura McKenzie – Kimberley Instructor

Laura McKenzie, Kimberley Mountain Bike Instructor with Shred Sisters

The Skidster, aka Laura Has been riding since she was 12 years old. With a multitude of biking disciplnes under her belt, Laura coaches with a passion for cycling that is unmatched. Calling Kimberley, BC home not only does she coach mountain biking but also swimming! The thing she loves most about mountain biking is getting to explore so many mountain peaks and high places with her bike, which she then gets to ride down. Join a class with this seasoned coach and rider and you won’t be sorry—you’ll see your skills grow. Read more about her here.

  • When did you start riding and how did you get into it?  

I started riding when I was 12 when I joined a Triathlon club. The club slowly transitioned into a cycling team over the next few years and before I knew it I was racing BMX, MTN bike, road and track cycling. Over the next 10 years I focused my racing career around road and track cycling. I had an incredible opportunity to race with the Canadian National team as well as numerous professional Women’s Cycling Teams throughout the United States. It was a unique lifestyle living out of a suitcase and traveling around the world with amazing women who shared the same passion for cycling.

It wasn’t until I moved back to Kimberley that I really started MTN biking again. Many of my skills from racing other bikes transferred over to MTB and I quickly fell in love with the technical aspect of it. I also had a lot to learn and have been improving my skills every year. Even just this past week an amazing person and super rider (Julie G:) gave me one quick tip that shifted my whole body position that made cornering so much better. It’s these little ‘ah ha’ moments that I love about coaching and hope to bring to more riders. One simple little tip can improve the entire body position which in turn increases confidence on a bike. I hope that I can help bring confidence to more women on a bike so they get to understand how amazing MTB really is!

  • Where do you call home?

I call Kimberley BC my home. I moved here with my husband in 2008 from Calgary and have never looked back. Since moving here I’ve had the opportunity to coach with the Seahorse Swim Team for many years and assist with guiding the Bootleg Bike Fest Women’s riding clinics.

  • What’s the best thing about MTN biking for you?  

The best thing about MTN biking is that I get to explore so many mountain peaks and high places with my bike…..and then I get to ride down them!!

  • What are you riding right now?

I am riding a 2017 Rocky Mountain Slayer.  I bought the frame brand new last year and custom built it with all the beautiful shiny parts that I liked

  • Favorite Trail?  

Pinch and Roll on Bootleg Mountain.  Its one of the original trails built there and still one of my favorites for sure.  

  • Dream destination?  

At this point in our crazy Covid world….. anywhere would be amazing.   One day I would love to bikepack the Annapurna Circuit.   People always go there to hike but bringing your bike creates a whole new adventure!

If you were to describe you riding style in one word, what would it be?

Penelope’s Cruiz …. Maybe that’s two words.  

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