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Strong Intermediate Level

Strong Intermediate: You have taken lessons before and can ride almost anywhere. All green and blue trails are ridden with a high level of confidence and you feel comfortable riding some black runs. You are familiar and at ease on a variety of terrain including roots, rocks, and technical trail features. You are looking to up your game and improve your style, getting more comfortable with steeper trails, doing jumps and drops, high speed cornering. Skills you want to learn: Wheelies, Jumps, Drops, Speed, Steeper Terrain

Example of trails you can ride: 727, Family guys, Race of Spade, Prospector, Kloosifier, Blue Trails on Mountain Shadows, Flowdown, Loggin Leftovers, Fifty Six Twenty , Tantrum south

Example of trails that will take your skills up a notch: Jean Guy on the Rock, No homers, Terminator, Rock the Flume, LSD, 3K, Cliff Side, Super Happy Fun, Sex on The Beach, UFC, UpperBoondocker, Hula Girl


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