Julie Beaulieu, Shred Sisters Mountain Bike Coach

Julie Beaulieu

Coach in Canmore 

Meet Julie! Julie is a highly qualified and experienced coach with over two decades of experience in managing athlete and coach development. She holds several coaching certifications from national coaching associations and has a unique coaching style that emphasizes connecting with participants’ prior experience to facilitate effective skill transfer. Julie has also created and led multiple canoe clubs in Canada and has experience coaching at the national and junior world levels. She aims to instill confidence and curiosity in her students, helping them excel in mountain biking and beyond. With her exceptional leadership skills, Julie is a valuable addition to the Shred Sisters team.


  • Pmbia Level 1
  • Wilderness First Aid 40 hours
  • Competition Development Certified – Canoe Kayak
  • Level 3 – Cross Country-Skiing
  • Advanced Coaching Diploma Canadian Sport Institute
  • B,Sc, Nutritional Biochemistry and Exercise Physiology


Intro to Mountain Bike

  • Saturday, May 25th
  • Wednesday, June 12th – PM
  • Saturday, June 22nd

Intro to Mountain Bike 50+

  • Thursday, July 11th PM


  • Wednesday, May 15th to June 5th – PM
  • Tuesday, May 28th to June 18th – AM

Experienced Beginner

  • Thursday, May 9th to 30th- AM
  • Tuesday, July 2nd to 23rd – PM

Weekend Experienced Beginner Workshop

  • May 18th & 19th
  •  Thursday Sept 5th to 26th

About Julie Beaulieu

Meet Julie, a highly qualified and experienced coach who has worked in multiple high-performance sports for over two decades. She has a proven track record of managing the development of athletes and coach development. Her qualification in coaching is impressive, with several certifications from national coaching associations.  Julie has been coaching for a long time, starting from the age of 18. Julie’s coaching style is unique in that she prioritizes making connections with her participants’ previous learning and experience. By doing so, she can transfer skills more effectively and help her participants learn faster. Not only has Julie excelled in managing high-performance programs, but she has also been instrumental in creating and leading multiple canoe clubs across Canada. With her coaching experience at the national and junior world levels, Julie has helped develop domestic talent and recruit new athletes.Julie wants her students to gain more than just technical skills and knowledge of the sport. She wants them to leave her coaching sessions with confidence in their abilities and curiosity to learn more. By instilling these qualities, Julie believes her students can excel in not just mountain biking but in other aspects of their lives as well. She believes that with confidence and curiosity, her students can overcome challenges, take on new opportunities, and pursue their goals with enthusiasm and determination.


What makes Julie unique is her determination to pursue the seemingly impossible. She ignores the notion that things cannot be done and goes ahead to do them anyway. This quirky trait has helped her overcome challenges and achieve great success in both her personal and professional life. With Julie’s exceptional leadership skills, combined with her extensive coaching and management experience, we are thrilled to have her on the Shred Sisters team to elevate your performance to the next level.

Currently, Julie is riding a Rocky Mountain Instinct, a high-performance trail bike that can handle anything from technical uphills to fast and flowy descents. Her favorite trail at the moment is Captain Kangaroo in Castlegar.  You can find Julie enjoying a cup of coffee with friends and family after a good ride. 

When did you first start riding and how did you get into it? Started mountain biking summer of 2021

  • If you were to describe your riding style in one word, what would it be? Improvised

  • Where do you call home? Canmore

  • Who was/is your inspiration and why? My son – he is a wicked good rider and I wanted to be able to spend some time with him

  • What’s the best thing about mountain biking for you? Learning something new that is endless in possibility – today drops, tomorrow flow, next day technical uphill, after that wicked mountain bike fashion styling (this is the ultimate end goal)

  • How long have you been coaching? Loooooong time.. since I was 18… and I am NOT young.  Club, provincial and national level coach in several sports as well as well as working in high performance sports for over 2 decades

  • What’s unique about your coaching style? I look to make connections with a participants previous learning and experience and work to transfer skills for a quicker learning curve

  • What makes you, you? What’s your best quirk? Fun Fact about you or story? Best Quirk: ignoring that things can be impossible and go ahead do them anyways

  • What are you riding right now? Rocky Mountain Instinct

  • Favourite trail? For now… Captain Kangaroo – Castlegar (Merry Creek).. so much more to ride yet!

  • Dream destination? Powell River