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Beginner Level


Double track = two trails that run parallel to each other (also called a quad trail).

Single track = a narrow mountain bike trail that must be ridden single file.

Green / Beginner Without Experience: You want to learn to ride single track mountain bike trails while making new riding friends. You are comfortable to ride a road/urban/packed dirt/gravel double track bike. You are keen to learn the fundamental skills of mountain biking, build confidence, and progress in a safe and encouraging environment.

Must be comfortable riding doubletrack gravel trails and to expect to ride singletrack trail 90% of the time.

Example of trails you may ride in this course: Quarry Lake, Low Line, Fish Creek, Bowmont, Moonraker trails, CBT, Déjà vu, Johnson trails, Lois Creeks Trails, Happy Haus, Pilsit, Elephant Run, Juniper Lane, Home Run, Miller Time, Dusty Beaver, Hemlock Groove.


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Course Full Join our Waiting List!
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