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Experienced Beginner Level

Beginner With Experience: You have started riding single track mountain bike trails and are gaining confidence on a mountain bike. You are comfortable on smooth mellow singletrack and can ride the all green and some blue trails in your area. While you ride in control, you are seeking to be more efficient in your climbing/descending, shifting, braking, and cornering so you can navigate more challenging terrain and small obstacles safely.

  • Example of trails you can ride: Quarry Lake, Low Line, Fish Creek, Bowmont, Moonraker trails, CBT, Johnson trails, Lois network in Kimberley, Magic Line 1, Happy Hans Loop, Mike’s Loop, South Star,Home Run, Miller Time, Dusty Beaver, Hemlock Groove.
  • Example of trails you may ride in this course: Pneuma (easier section of this trail that are considered blue), Merlin, Sugar Daddy, Snagmore, Ridgeback, Horseshoe, Low line, CBT, Moonraker, Arch Potential, Juniper Heights, Magic Line 1-2, RollerCoaster, Blake’s Single Track, Elephant Run, Hemlock Groove, Stimulus


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Course Full Join our Waiting List!
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