3 Tips on how to adapt your riding to an E-bike

Ebiking is becoming more and more popular. So as we have started to have a few of our students becoming increasingly curious about E-biking, we wanted to share our knowledge on the difference between a mechanical bike and an electric one. Like any new gear or biking tool comes different challenges and we at Shred Sisters are embracing this new style of bike. We love how it opens up opportunities for a wider variety of people to enjoy the sport we love so much and keeps those who wouldn’t be able to continue to bike without it involved in biking. Personally I never had so much fun climbing a trail, I can’t stop giggling the wholeeeeee way up and yelling Ludacris ☺

With new bikes there are always learning curves, so we thought we would share 3 major tips that would help lessen your learning curve and get you out riding quicker! 

1. Start slow before taking the leap to Ludacris Mode!

Go out on a paved path and an uphill gravel trail to get the feel of how the motor engages for you.  Each brand slightly differs on how much power it gives; as an example the Rocky Mountain Bicycle ebikes only gives as much power as hard as you push on the pedals, while the Bosch & Shimano system would take a few seconds to give power after you start pedaling. Riding this way will help you modify your body position to the terrain and the extra speed you will get from the assistance of the motor

2. Cornering

This is probably the reason why you may want an ebike if you are an experienced rider: railing a berm uphill is the most fun and ridiculous experience. Because of the increase of speed you will need to adapt how you take the turn. 

            1. Take the turn wider than normal

            4. Adapt your body position as you start the turn, start to lower your chest down to the back, and shift your hips forward to keep the wheel to the ground. 

            3. Drag your back brake to slow things down so you can make it throughout the turn

            4. This goes for traditional or electric bikes, LOOK UP!!!!

3.  Descending! Get Used to the Brakes!

Here it will be the same as any other bike, but because the bike is heavier the bike will take extra time to stop.  Make sure you get to know your brakes, what the threshold is, how quick does the bike stop, and the speed you are comfortable with braking at. You may also notice a huge difference from an entry level to the most expensive ebikes, the most expensive ebike will be stopping quicker than the inexpensive ones, which you will need to give yourself extra time for stopping!

Doubting about the whole Ebike thing? We think to ride ebikes you need to be ready for: fun, hilarious, and having lots of fun. . When climbing it = extra fun because it brings a totally new way of cycling and opens the doors to those who may have conditions preventing them from climbing uphill. I personally love it when I don’t have much motivation to go ride my bike! I also use it so I don’t have to shuttle anymore, IMAGINE that you wouldn’t have to drive your car up and down those crazy gravel roads and you can simply just get your way up without pain but actually include a lot of laughs, fun, and a whole new style of riding!

Remember: be patient. Every new bike does take time to get used to!

New to mountain biking and e-bike? Join our intro to Ebiking 

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