Keep on Shredding – How Osteopathy Can Help

FullSizeRenderBike season is well on its way and many of us are starting to feel the effect of all those miles in the saddle. Osteopathy can help restore the equilibrium of the body when overuse syndromes or painful injuries prevent us from getting on the bike.

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that uses the principles of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to address discomfort and pain. The osteopathic approach to treatment seeks to treat the body as a whole, globally looking at how the lack of mobility can contribute to localized dysfunction and pain. Osteopathy focuses on finding and addressing the cause of the discomfort, not just treating the symptoms.

Because Osteopathy supports the mobility of the body, health of the joints and muscular flexibility, it is also a great preventive therapy to not only keep you on your bike but also to optimise your performance.

As an avid mountain biker and Professional Mountain Bike Coach, I understand the stressors that cycling can place on the body. To help keep you riding this season, I am offering 25% off all Osteopathic treatments with me until September 30, 2016, for all ladies who have attended a Shred Sisters Ltd. event or course this year. Just write Shred Sisters in the comments box when booking and provide you receipt at your appointment. Book online at

Lynsey Dobish


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