Audrey Duval, Shred Sisters

Audrey Duval

Coach in golden

Maybe you’ve seen some of her goofy Tip Tuesday videos online? Audrey is the founder & owner of Shred Sisters and is passionate about teaching. She loves to figure out different ways of explaining skills to connect with all learning styles! As an instructor, Audrey cares about her client’s goals and knows that technique is not all: “I like to understand where my clients are coming from and see how I can help them overcome their fears, do a feature, or ride a specific trail they didn’t think they could ride.”


  • Golden


  • Pmbia Level 3
  • Nccp Development – Level 2
  • BICP Level 2 Air
  • Ski Instructor level 3 & Ski Coach Level 2 – Park Certified
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • 200 Hrs Yoga Instructor
  • Spin Instructor


About Audrey Duval

Originally from Quebec, Audrey Duval started skiing when she was 3 years old, so being in the Canadian Rockies has a lot of appeal to this petite brunette has a level 3 ski instructor/level 2 coach, and is an accomplished mountain bike and yoga instructor – her yoga practicing is tightly woven into her two other sports, as she knows the importance of yoga in her daily activities. “Yoga not only made me physically stronger, but also gives me clarity in my professional and personal life”, says Audrey.

In 2004 Audrey started road biking and a job in a bike shop landed her the first mountain bike experience – it was love at first trail! This happened in 2008, since 2013, Audrey is a certified mountain bike instructor, always ready to ignite your ride with her passion and enthusiasm.

As a result of her experience teaching women-only bike camps, Audrey decided to focus her energy to support other women in this male-oriented sport. Audrey started Shred Sisters back in 2015 with the goal to share her passion with more women and allow others women to do so by offering a platform that coach would be able to excel at.

Audrey loves to share her passion and see her clients’ smiles when they accomplished something they didn’t think it was possible. Audrey also loves to challenge herself in scary downhill trails, to push her limit and do things she didn’t think it was possible – maybe that’s the secret why she understands her clientele so well. She really enjoys technical trails, and for this summer she wants to attack bigger jump and perfect her manual and bunny hops technique.