Melanie Mathews- Calgary Mountain Bike Instructor & Nutritionist

Melanie Mathews, mountain bike instructor in Calgary

Like many of us, Melanie’s childhood transportation was her trusty bicycle. Traveling around her neighbourhood with her friends growing up established her bike in her life at a young age. When she hit her early twenties, she expanded from touring her neighbourhood to exploring the back country. Her biking skillset grew as she joined women’s groups, took courses, and met other friends keen on biking. This also helped her to learn the best local trails and hot spots! Melanie holds her PMBIA Level 1 and is an intermediate to advanced rider and coach.

For Melanie, safety comes first. Beyond safety, she wants to focus her courses on motivating women to be comfortable and confident, because both of these things lead to great fun on a bike! When it comes to teaching, Melanie is focused on staying calm and encouraging. If you’re looking for a drill sergeant—Melanie isn’t that. She possesses a very strong positive attitude, an uplifting energy, and a smile that shines for miles. In her courses, she will also focus on bike and body awareness while building confidence with encouragement and support.

Teaching mechanical skills and beginner courses are her favorite skills to teach—really allowing Melanie the chance to hone in on her core teaching philosophies.  Perfectly aligned with her philosophies, Melanie was given advice to always remain positive and be prepared, and that advice has stuck with her. Confidence is key and you need to trust both yourself and your bike. For experienced riders, she likes to remind them to respect all riders and all abilities. It’s not always a competition and sometimes egos can get in the way. Growth comes from respecting yourself and others.

Joining Shred Sisters was a natural step for Melanie that she is extremely excited about. She is “over the moon excited” to be teaching alongside her peers as she puts it. With a background in nutrition and fitness, she’s a great fit for our team. We can’t wait to see Melanie’s signature smile lighting up the trails!

Melanie Certifications: PMBI Level 1, Personal Trainer, Spin Instructor, & Nutritionist

Melanie 2021 Schedule, BraggCreek

Melanie is also available for private lessons.

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